Crystalio II - featuring true 1080p HD motion adaptive deinterlacing, SDI, HDMI, HD-SDI, RGB & Component inputs as well as HDMI, RGBHV and Component outputs, Audio delay, internal Media Player with HDD and user-friendly on screen display (OSD).  

Content adaptive, per-pixel processing of all HDTV and SDTV video signals
Multi-directional edge adaptive processing
Robust inverse 3:2 and 2:2 processing of film-based inputs (inverse telecine)
Bad edit correction
Dual deinterlacer architecture for SDTV material allows choice of VXP by Gennum and DCDi by Faroudja**

True 10bit 4:4:4 broadcast-grade processing delivering the World's most advanced and flexible image processor
Content adaptive 3D noise reduction and detail enhancement
10-bit gamma correction with user-customizable gamma curve
Sub-pixel Y/C delay calibration
Chroma Upsampling Error (CUE) compensation
Tearless frame rate conversion including cadence lock to 48Hz and 72Hz for film source providing ultra-smooth playback
3D/2D 5-line (5H) adaptive comb and chroma trap filter for both PAL and NTSC signals**
Video and audio circuits clocked by 1ppm low jitter TCXO*
UltraAR™ supports virtually any image aspect ratio and display aspect ratio
Non-linear stretching to display 4:3 image on 16:9 display
Support for all resolutions up to 1920x1200

Internal HD media player supporting playback from external USB disks and an included 200GB internal hard disk. MPEG 1/2/4 decoding to provide unsurpassed media playback*
Ultra-Fine Audio Delay™ with 4 HDMI embedded audio, 4 digital and 3 analog inputs

Broadcast-grade BNC connectors used for all analog and SDI video inputs/outputs**
Four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs support HDCP and embedded audio
Two SDI inputs included on VPS3300 model. The VPS3800 model adds HDTV SDI support allowing the highest quality HD signal transport

Alpha-blended OSD (on screen display) offers intuitive and friendly setup and control
DynamicVP™ dynamically changes image processing settings and output format/timing/configuration to match the input format
Pixel Magic System™ now features internally generated test patterns to ensure 1:1 pixel mapping
10 user-customizable independent picture control profiles for each input
24 user-customizable macros for quick access to the most frequently used features
Backlit remote, powerful OSD and front panel operation make control easy in any environment
RS232 for connecting 3rd party control systems
Infrared In/Out for multiroom remote control**
CCF file of discrete IR codes is available for easy integration of 3rd party programmable remotes

* Available on VPS3800 model only
** Available on VPS3300 and VPS3800 models only


Crystalio II brings true 1080p HD processing in the most versatile package ever!


VXP by Gennum - Gennum's new Visual Excellence Processing (VXP) image processors offer 4th generation broadcast quality algorithms including TruMotionHD adaptive deinterlacing, FineEdge dynamic directional interpolation, FidelityEngine image enhancements for removing noise and improving detail and RealityExpansion 10-bit processing for eye-catching natural imagery.
With TruMotionHD™
With TruMotionHD
film processing
With TruMotionHD™
With TruMotionHD
With FidelityEngine™ HD directional interpolation
With FidelityEngine™ HD directional interpolation
FineEdge™ detail enhancement set to high
FineEdge™ detail enhancement set to high
With FidelityEngine™ noise reduction set to high
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